kitchen utensilsWhen you are just starting out and setting up a new kitchen, it may feel like you need so many tools that it is overwhelming! There are gadgets galore on the market and each one seems like a need. While you will need a variety of pieces, rest assured, you do not need them all! A limited selection of dinnerware, bakeware, cookware, and preparation items will serve you well.

Restaurant or eatery is an establishment where chefs prepare food and drinks for sale. The restaurants are of different categories according to their provision of services and the type food they offer. Some offer food take-out and food delivery services. There are those who offer soft drinks and alcohol beverages. They vary from inexpensive, medium, expensive establishments around the towns. It is a lucrative business where millions of money buy expensive furniture, utensils and hiring competent staffs to provide services of high quality. Most of the equipment used in the restaurants are imports from overseas and are very expensive.

Depending on the number of people who regularly eat with you, you will need to first select an appropriate number of plates, bowls, and drinking glasses. These can commonly be purchased individually or in sets of four, eight or twelve. Also, stainless steel forks, knives, and spoons are also essential. Not only can these be used for eating but are regularly used in food preparation.

Bakeware is often multi-functional. For example, a standard 13 inch by 9 inch baking dish, preferably glass, is versatile, used not only for baking a cake but also to bake chicken. Similarly, a standard cookie sheet will not only allow you to bake cookies but can be used for roasting vegetables or heating slices of pizza, to name just two further uses. Other sizes of bakeware such as a loaf pan, a square cake pan, muffin pans, are nice but not essential when you are just starting out.

You really only need a few cookware items. Choose an average sized frying pan with a non-stick surface. Additionally, a 2-3 quart pot with a lid and a stock pot with a lid will prove practical.

kitchen utensilsLast you will need to invest in just a few smaller pieces of equipment. A set of measuring cups and measuring spoons as well as a wooden or plastic spoon are necessary and inexpensive. A decent knife or two and a plastic cutting board are important for chopping vegetables or cutting meats, just be sure to wash and disinfect well between uses. Finally, a mixing bowl can be used for a variety of food items and a colander is helpful for straining pasta or washing fruits and vegetables.

There are many items you can buy but you will find you can make almost anything with just these few items. Additional gear can be purchased over time to make kitchen work more efficient. Keeping kitchen possessions to a minimum, however, will afford an uncluttered kitchen.